Ultimate Developer's Guide

Achieve Success for Your Next IoT Project

Get Your Free Copy of "7 Considerations for Successful Cellular Development."

Cellular development can be difficult, but this white paper from the experts at NimbeLink provides a roadmap for success and will accelerate your time to market!

Download this white paper to understand the best practices in these areas:

  •      Selecting Antennas
  •      Logging AT Commands
  •      Creating a Network Monitor
  •      Enabling FOTA Updates for the Device
  •      Enabling FOTS Updates for the Module
  •      Designing Power Circuitry
  •      Simultaneously Developing the Device and the Back-End Protocols

You’ll learn why each consideration is important to the overall success of your IoT product, and find links to how-to documents and videos that simplify cellular design and implementation.


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